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My painter said
he can just paint over the mold.
Is that right?

No!   No!  No! - Not Now! - Not EVER!

Beware of someone that tries to cover a suspected mold situation!

Covering the problem will not make it go away! It only hides the problem and allows the problem to grow into a much larger (read more expensive) proposition to repair in the future. More importantly - “Beauty” and “Band-Aid” repairs do nothing to address even one single health concern.

   Painting over a discoloration only hides the visible result, but does not address the symptoms or the source. Mold will continue to grow as long as the area can receive moisture. If there is no moisture source remaining (repairs have been completed on the leak) the existing mold will go dormant and release spores into the structure. If the area once again becomes damp – the race is on - and mold will almost instantly begin regrowing in the areas it has already established itself.
Any spores that were released during the dormant stage will spread the impact to a much larger area. Spores are not the only concern for human health in a mold situation. Microbial Volatile Organic Compounds (mVOCs) are a gas given off by active mold colonies that contain gasses that can be highly harmful or even fatal if exposure is high enough or long enough. These mVOCs are the main source for most people’s adverse reaction to airborne mold. It is also the source of “grandma’s basement smell” most commonly associated with mold while it is in a growth state.

   A “cover-up/ band-aid” solution is never the answer. Proper identification of the source – and repair of the source, as well as proper procedures to insure that all materials impacted are dealt with safely and completely is the only economical and healthy way to deal with mold impact. Improper handling can expand health effects and costs ten fold later.
  Call Westlife to assess the degree impact and source for the loss and to insure the contractor working on the loss is covering everything according to industry standards. Westlife does NOT contract the work. Westlife is YOUR investigative and oversight consultant that controls the work and insures all work is done safely and completely before the area is rebuilt.
We provide the paper work you will need to show all work was completed properly to calm any possible fears when you later have to disclose the loss (by state law) to a renter or buyer. Our job is to make sure that all remediation standards are followed and all areas are brought back to a “Condition 1” level and completed properly the first time – saving you time, aggravation and money.

   If you’re ever unsure of just what needs to be done, or who needs to do it – give us a call. We never charge for phone or EMAIL consultations, and it may save you big headaches in the future by just asking questions before a mistake is made.

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