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What are the effects of lead on the body?

How am I exposed?

Lead is a heavy metal, like mercury. The effects of having these metals enter the body are similar. They go directly to the central nervous system, and from there to the brain. They also tend to collect at the bone joints. The inclusion of a heavy metal into the nervous system disrupts the neural pathways. The type of entry can have a dramatic difference on the severity and speed with which these effects become evident.

The effects of lead poisoning on the body are PERMANENT.

You could use chelation therapy to remove lead in the body (a long, painful and expensive treatment), but you can not reverse the damage that the lead causes in the body.

Lead is most dangerous in infants and toddlers. A lead intrusion tends to gather in the growing end of their bones and their brains - as they are still developing.  Xrays of lead poisoned individuals have shown the joint ends (the part that grows during childhood) to be almost fully impacted with lead. Children are most commonly poisoned by eating lead dust, paint and soils. Just TRY to keep anything out of an infant’s mouth!

Lead poisoning causes permanent cognitive damage.

Autopsys of people effected by lead poisoning show the same physical damage to the brain as a person with Alzheimer’s.

In an adult, lead will also go to the joints as well as the brain (though not as aggressively) and can result in a condition know as “drop wrist” or “drop foot”. An individual exhibiting these conditions will not be able to raise their hand at the wrist or their foot at the ankle. This was a common condition of long-time Printers when the inks they used contained high percentages of lead.

People with lead poisoning

can exhibit a blue line on the gums, joint pain, an inability to concentrate, hyperactivity,

weakness at joints,  and

“the shakes”.

How are we exposed to lead poisoning? Mostly through ingestion. It can come from lead dust (from old lead paints) or from vaporized lead (from heating and melting lead). Lead dusts can be present outside in soils as well, from lead paints or industrial pollution. Of these two types of exposure, ingestion is the slowest acting and sometimes the hardest to recognize before the effects become irreversible. It can take years of exposure in minor amounts before this type of exposure becomes noticeable, but in much less time in children.

Lead exposures can also come from cultural sources. In South and Central America it is common to treat a fever with natural clay products called Azaron and Greta - among others.

These are almost 100% lead!

In Asian communities Pay-loo-ah, Ghasard, Bali Goli and Kandu contain HIGH percentages of lead - the same for the Arab community's Kohl (or Alkohi). The tragedy is that these remedies are commonly given to children.

Additionally, many low fired ceramics have lead added to their glazes or even to the clay it self. Eating from these vessels, or cooking in them, will - over time - permit lead poisoning to occur. Using pewter vessels and utensils can also present a danger.

The most common source of lead vapor inhalation is melting lead to mold it for some purpose or to remove it.

Untreated - Inhalation of lead vapor Can Kill Within Hours !

People that re-load ammunition, that work on classic cars (with lead body filler), that repair or build stained glass windows (with lead dividers) and that use old “lead or solder join” materials are the most easily exposed in this manner. Stripping old paint by “Burning” it off is also a source of vaporized lead. Jewelry makers are at risk as they cast or join with lead mixed alloy - or even worse - pure lead.

Lead poisoning is avoidable!

Its damage is IRREVERSIBLE!

The best way to protect yourself, and your family, from lead exposure is to know the sources of lead poisoning and eliminate them.

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